Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hi everyone,

because it's my last month in Korea I'm sorry to say I won't blogging as much as I usually do. Because there's much to do in the final coming few weeks. And blogging takes a long time. Did you know that? Or maybe I just can't blog efficiently. Uploading the pictures takes a long time. And I can't move my laptop or else my internet cable will fall out easily.

The reason why I'm blogging now is that I have won the ''Spread the Word” for the CNN iList South Korea contest!! As you may have read I went to a lecture that was presented by Anna Coren, the CNN anchor based in Hong Kong. At the end the PR intern of CNN in Korea told us there was a contest. We had to promote the iList program of CNN as much as possible throughout the internet. I promoted it through Twitter, Facebook and my blog. The CNN intern checked out how many people were talking about my blog or visited it and how many people told other people about the iList program because of me. AND I WON! =D. I'm so happy! I've won a 500.000 KRW travel coupon that is enough for my ticket and accommodation. I'm also going to the CNN office in Seoul to know more about my price, because I'm also going to the CNN Hong Kong office. And maybe I've even won more.

I think I will be going to Hong Kong from 15 or 16-20 December. Ashleigh, an American girl I've met at Yonsei university, is also going to Hong Kong and we will be going there together.


Susie Park said...

Hey Abdi!
I dont know if you remember but you left a comment on my blog susieinseoul last year before you were off to Korea. I was just browsing your blog and it took likes you had an amazing time in Korea! and you did a lot of cool things that I didn't get a chance to do! Are you back in the Netherlands now? Hope all is well! and hope your semester at Yonsei was fabulous! Its been just about a year now since i was in Seoul and I miss it so much!

Susie Park said...

Hey Abdi! that was a quick reply! I know what you mean about korea being the best time of your life! I tell that to everyone! haha and only because it's so true!! I'm glad you had a great time in Korea...I miss being in Seoul so much! I miss exchange life! Here back home I have been so busy non stop with school...but I'll actually be done with school in May! so less than one month now...which is kind of scary...but exciting i suppose! I am missing good authentic korean food! of course my mom cooks yummy korean food but since i don't live at home or go home very often i never get to eat it so i really indulge when i get to eat korean food!

I'm jealous that you get to meet up with all the exchange students you met while abroad...unfortunately all of the ppl i met abroad were from europe or australia so it's a little more inconvenient for me to meet them! I didn't really make any friends from the States....which is weird! Hopefully one day I'll get to go to europe and travel a bit and meet up with everyone that i met on exchange! Have you ever been to the States before? And what kind of internship are you looking to do in Canada? and why Canada? Just curious! take care!

Dulukh said...

Hey Abdi,

I found your channel through a top comment on one of Matt Kearney's videos. And that's how I came to your blog! You have an awesome blog going on here. I love Korea and am planning to travel soon. :)

So keep blogging! :) I would love to read about your experiences in Asia.

Good day :)

Abdi said...

Hi Dulukh,

nice to hear from you! Thanks for your comment. You should def. try to visit Korea some day.

Scott C. Worden said...

Hi Abdi,

Are you still in Korea? I hope you enjoyed your stay. I've lived in Seoul for over nine years. It's nice to meet you!


Scott C. Worden said...
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Scott C. Worden said...
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Scott C. Worden said...
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Abdi Suleiman said...

Hi Scott,

I'm actually back in the Netherlands. I did indeed enjoy my stay. I will return to Korea soon enough. I love it.

Nice to meet you too.