Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween and randomness


I think I forgot to share a couple of things. Or maybe I should just add the pictures? They're pretty self-explanatory. On Thursday 28th of October we had a Halloween party at Club Mass in Gangnam. It was organized by this club that wants to entertain the international students in Seoul. The students were from the major universities such as Korea University and Seoul National University.
I had no idea how to explain my outfit, but someone told me I looked like Rick James. We had a great time. Almost everyone from the SK Global house went to the party. I also added some random pictures to show you some things I've been doing. For instance a French exhibit of the latest art of France. Hmm... what can I say about it. Not for me. I liked the building more than the art.
I've noticed I always show this weird look when someone's taking a picture. Okay, sometimes I do it on purpose. Like the picture when we're on the bus. Mid, a Korean German has made two pictures of me where I look like a fat guy from the 70's. You can guess which two pictures I mean yourself. Mom and dad, I'm not getting fat over here. Don't worry. But the pictures say otherwise. I don't have much to look forward to. It's mostly school and studying. The only thing
I can think of now is a boat cruise over the Han river on Thursday. That is the river that divides Seoul in two.

By the way, can the people that read my blog leave a comment sometimes?
I hear that many people read it, but a comment will be greatly appreciated. =)
I feel so lonely here. Lol, just joking. But not about the first part!

Boats at the Han River
Me and Barbie (Melissa)
Me and Jérémy.
Me, Daniel and Greta.
Me, Michael, Greta, Yul, Jeonghee and Ida.
Me, Michael, Daniel and Yul.
Me, Michael, Greta, Yul, Jeonghee, Ida, Daniel and ?.
Me, Yul and Daniel.
Michael and I.
Michael and I.
Me, Daniel, Jakob, Jumi and his Danish parents and friends
Me, Fabian, Greta, Annette and the rest of our tripmates to Busan/Gyeongju.
Me Tyren, Raymann and Maria Yueliu.
Me, Alex, Yul and the randoms.
Me and Stephanie.
Me and Greta
Me, Rosie, Yuk, Jenna and Rae Kim in Yongin.
Me and Rosie in Yongin.
Me at Kring Gallery in Gangnam.
Me at Kring Gallery in Gangnam.
Me at Kring Gallery in Gangnam.


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*cocaine's a hell of a drug*

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im rick james bitch!

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Haha. Thanks for the Rick James quotes.