Monday, November 8, 2010

Favorite quotes I've heard in Korea

Will be updated during my stay here.

''I have so many people I don't like on Facebook.''

''I think my body hates me.''

''I'm not fat, I'm ethnic.''

Teacher : ''So are you from the USA?''
Students: ''No I'm from California.''

Teacher: ''Which country are you from?''
Student: ''New Jersey.''

Teacher: ''What global event happened at Wallstreet that changed the face of the entire world?''
Student: ''Global warming.''

‎"Hookers don't kiss. No, that's not true!"

''There are so many Asians in South Korea.''

''Would you like some Sweat Pot Pourri? It takes like sweat but it's okay.''

In Korean English. ''We have allived in Busan.  There is a beautiful bitch in Busan.'' Translation: We have arrived in Busan. There is a beautiful beach in Busan.

''If I cross dress, can I get free shots?''

International business environment class: ''So how do businesses transport the money then? Do they use an airplane?''

''Oh my god, my shoes make these like weird noises here in Korea! They like never did that back in the US!!!!!!I know, right?!''

''Excuse me, I don't speak Mexican.''

‎''Huh Holland and the Netherlands are the same country??''

''The official language of Holland is English right?"

At the Halloween party.
Camera man: ''Could you lift up your skirt?''
Daniel the crossdresser for the night: ''EXCUSE ME?!?!?! DO YOU ASK EVERY LADY TO DO THAT?''

''I love your forehead''


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