Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Yonko Games #2

Hello everyone,

here's my update of the Yonko Games that were held in September. I know it's late, but I feel I need to share this. It was amazing! Trust me when I say amazing. The sports competition was held for two days, but I could only make it one day. But that was enough to blow my mind. Korea University and Yonsei University, which are both in the top three of the top universities in all of Korea, hold a sports competition together. This year it was Korea Universy's time to hold the event. This event is called the Yon Ko Games. Yon as in Yonsei and Ko as in Korea University. Both universities compete in five sports. Ice hockey, rugby, soccer, basketball and baseball. I went to the baseball and basketball game. To be honest, when we were at the event no one really would be sad if Yonsei University would lose. I say this because we had too much fun cheering. I know you may be thinking what's so fun about cheering? Well in the introduction week we've learned quite a few songs to dance to. The cheerleaders have a high status here at the universities. They are like superstars. You should not imagine cheerleaders you would find in America. These cheerleaders were very different. They had special costumes on and were even singing. It was a whole performance during the entire game. We barely sat down, because of this. But it was still fun. At first I could see the exchange students were very self-concious, including myself, but eventually we all just let go and had the best time we could imagine. It was overwhelming. Koreans are very cheerful and happy people. They love to cheer for their teams without being hostile against the other team. It sounds crazy or weird, but that's very normal here. Hooligans are very rare in this country. Drunks are everywhere. But hooligans? Almost none. Yonsei University eventually won 4 of the 5 games that were played. And we were the winners of this year. And everyone was extra happy. At night there was a concert at the university with students from the music department who were performing to win a contest. And there was even a surprise event of a famous Kpop (Korean pop) band. The Kpop girlband was called Miss A. All the Koreans were even more excited because of that. And we just went along.. The famous cheerleaders also helped us in not sitting down again. There was free beer ( wham wham whaaaam!) and wafels. There was also a display with a KIA car and I thought I could win one. So I asked the people over there how I could win the competition. Of course he didn't know English. But someone who could speak Korean told me there was no competition and the car was only for the show. I just thought it was ridiculous to display a car over there. It was standing next to the waffle place. The next day was a calm day of resting. But we wanted to go to a noraebang and so we did. Because you can't go wrong with noraebangs to have a succesful night.  ;)

VIDEO:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=971BPn6K4bs

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