Tuesday, October 12, 2010

K1 Kickbox World GP 2010

Hi everyone,

on the 2nd of October I went to see the K1 World GP 2010 in Seoul. This was the kickboxing event with the final 16 kickboxers from all over the world to fight for the next round. There were about four or five fighters from the Netherlands which was a surprise to me. It made me feel proud. The event was held in the Olympic Gymnasium at the Seoul Olympic Park. It was the same venue where the 1988 Summer Olympics were held in Korea. I went to the event with Florian from Germany, Cyril and Olivier from France, Jakob from Denmark and Jeremy from Switzerland. We ordered the tickets online and picked them up at the event. The tickets we bought were 77.000 Won which is about 50 euro. We could choose between 22.000 Won (14 euro), 220.000 Won (141 euro) and 1.100.000 Won (707 euro) tickets. We wanted good and affordable seats so we bought the 77.000 Won tickets. We thought this event would be sold out. It's kickboxing, a popular sport. And it's held in Seoul, a city with 24.5 million inhabitants. But it still wasn't sold out. Amazing. When I was at the event I met Thijs from the Netherlands. He bought the 22.000 Won tickets. It turned out the event wasn't sold out. That's why we just walked around to sit somewhere else.  People kept on coming to us saying we were sitting on their seats. Awkward.....Eventually we sat down at a good place. Thijs and his friends did the same thing. He sat down behind us. That sucks. He paid less.

The fights were so much fun to watch! I even saw one knock out. I wanted to see some blood. I never knew I had that in me. Haha. It was funny to watch because no one expected that the fighter would fall on the floor when he got hit. He wanted to fight on but his body rejected it. Eventually he had to be carried out. One French fighter thought he had won, but the referee argued it was a tie. He didn't like the outcome and left the stage. Eventually the other fighter won by default. That's not a nice way to win or lose. The even was set up very nicely. The lights, the music, the beautiful women that came on stage between the rounds. It looked very professional. It was a very nice and memorable day.

By the way I've made a video about this so you can check out what's it's been like.


Tomorrow I will blog about the Hi Seoul Festival I've been to. This was a huge event here in Seoul. With fireworks, music, dance, parades etc. You should def. see the pictures and video I've made then. I will also write about Koreans and my observations of them. Stay tuned. =)


Grace Ku said...

Cool...:D I guess 70,000won for K-1 is worth it. Nice pics Abdi!!X) It's amazing that you have already done so many activities in Seoul within a few months!

Abdi said...

So little time, so much to do =D.
We should do something together too. Have you been to building 63?