Saturday, July 10, 2010

My ticket!


I just got my round trip ticket to Seoul. It's getting official you guys. =D. I'll be flying with Emirates Airlines from Dusseldorf International Airport. Now I can take 30kg of baggage with me instead of only 20kg.

Starting August 21st l'll be going to Dusseldorf International Airport in Germany to fly to Dubai. My family in Dubai will pick me up. ( gotta love my family xD). I will then take a nap and afterwards I'll probably act like a major tourist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). I'll stay in Dubai for a day and then I'll fly to Seoul Incheon Airport.

Thijs is a student from my school that will also be going to Yonsei University. I will arrive at Incheon Airport on August 23rd at 12:05 hrs and he will arrive at 14:35 hrs. I'll wait for him so we can go to the university together.

We'll probably take the airport limousine bus number 6011. This bus will take us directly to Yonsei University. Or else bus number 6002. This bus will take us to Sinchon subway station. From there we can take a taxi to the university. Both bus fares are 9000 won (about 5.77 euro). The busride will take about 1 hour. Insha'allah everything's going to be great. Next up is getting my visa!

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